Research Topic:
Diversity Gain Analysis of SFN-STBC Digital Terrestrial TV System using Dual Polarized MIMO Antenna

Person in charge: Ryan R. Paderna  

Research Brief


This research proposes a Modified Orthogonal Matching Pursuit (MOMP)-assisted MIMO-OFDM receiver for next generation DTTV with Single Frequency Network - Space Time Block Coding (SFN-STBC). The receiver uses dual polarized antennas which can receive signals from different transmitters. In this research, we investigate the BER performance if the transmitters transmit signals with different signal power where the receiver is in near-far effect with different receive power from different transmitter. In addition, we also examine the performance of the SFN system using MOMP for channel estimation with near-far effect. The simulation shows that the BER decreases if the received signal power from different transmitters are almost equal. And also, the MOMP BER performance is about 1 dB closer compared to ideal channel information in the range of SNR Eb/No=15dB to Eb/No=25dB region.